The nickname is the result of riding the bike, touching it, staring it!

    Just forget what you knew until today, you are entering a new dimension, the Brain Eraser is here.

  • The heart and the sole of the DCR-017 !

    The DCR-017 is built around this filter and the beauty of this custom CNC machined and orange anodized filter is just mind blowing!

    Besides the beauty the DNA air filter performs. It flows more than enough air for the engine to produce the 186 ‘ponies’!

    Feel a sensation like never before, as the beast produces his massive torque and power!

  • Find us at EICMA 2017

    Take a close look of DCR017 - The Brain Eraser at EICMA 2017

    The exotica cafe racer will be the subject. Be there. Hall 13 Stand A56.


Dino & Marios, father & son, living and breathing motorcycles since 1972 and 1991, the ‘Cafe Racer’ storm could not let them unaffected!

The Name

Well the name was the easiest part…. DCR-017 (DNA CAFÉ RACER made in 2017)

The style

We wanted to mimic the style and look of the 70’s and 80’s, the DCR-017 should be frame, engine, wheels, analogue clock, no plastic covers, no carbon fiber, just simple and raw metal to encage the beast!

The Donor

The engine that could accept this air filter was the LC8 990 v twin from KTM, but we wanted more!Again the std version of the RC8 was not enough, so we went for the R version. The bike was outsourced and purchased at the end of December 2016 and the teardown started.

The materials

We chose a very special grade of aluminum alloy for the major parts, that is stress relieved and has zero or minimum distortion when machined to the final designed thickness of 2 mm. It was difficult and expensive to outsource it, but lucky enough a company that produces very large blocks of aluminum alloy for the aviation sector agreed to supply us 5083 H112 Annealed and Stress relieved.

Part By Part

Key important parts that define the style, shape and character of the DCR-017 are the Tank, Seat and Under Seat / Subframe, and this is why.


Every single detail count.

The Power to Weight ratio

The time had come, for us to put the bike on the scale. The moment of truth ! 162 kgCurb weight if you are American / Kerb weight if you are British! 186 whp, 13.55 kgm, 162 kg !!!!! The power to weight ratio of the DCR-017 is 1.148 Whp/kg..! Mind blowing ratio for a custom Café Racer!

Yes, we rode the bike, we went through the ‘shakedown test’ successfully, tested handling, braking and performance. The result……….

The Brain Eraser

DNA Filters special project DCR-017

The apocalypse

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